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The months of September to April is the official bass fishing season and also represents the best time of the year to catch this aggressive and hard fighting Aussie icon. The Australian bass is located in eastern rivers across the east coast but the Macleay River is known to be one of the top destinations for catching these amazing freshwater specimens.

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The Upper Macleay is a renowned destination for Australian Bass…Bass are hard fighters and will aggressively strike lures in the right conditions…

Whilst Riverside Haven does present some awesome land based fishing spots, the recommended option is to take a kayak out onto the water and venture either up stream or down stream and find those perfect spots to cast some lures. Remember to keep an eye out for submerged branches and rock structures where the fish like to roam.

Note: Catch and release is practiced at Riverside Haven to ensure the long term viability of the native fish stocks. We ask that you observe the same whilst fishing on our property.

If you are new to bass fishing we are happy to give some helpful tips. Remember to bring your fishing gear and a good torch or spot light as the best time to catch them is just on sunrise or just after sunset. That being said, there’s something special about casting a lure in daylight and being able to see the fish attack the lure!

Welcome to bass country.